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National List appointments outside the Gazetted List is a deceitful act

Today an action was filed in the Supreme Court against Secretaries of all the Political parties, which have appointed MPs outside the National List published in the Gazette (during the nomination period for the information of public) usurping the people’s franchise without a mandate obtained from the people.

The Petitioner is DEW Gunasekara, General Secretary of the Communist Party and the Counsel is Nagananda Kodituwakku. Presenting all relevant evidence before the Court that establishes, the clause ‘inserted’ in the Article 99A of the Constitution, permitting party secretaries to nominate MPs as of their right, the Petitioner seeks a declaration from the Supreme Court that the said clause (inserted without a mandate obtained from the people at a referendum and certified by the President) has no force in law and therefore all such appointments are void.

2015-08-31 – PETITION

2015-08-31 – MOTION

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