MP car permit abuse challenged in the Supreme Court

Heavy burden vested in the Judiciary to restore Rule of Law

“… The Petitioner states that whereas the 1st Respondent elected to office of the Executive President and the MPs, with a great hope that they would discharge the duties vested in their respective offices faithfully, whilst honouring their constitutional obligations to the people, they ruthlessly abuse their respective 
offices for there private benefit, absolutely betraying their constitutional obligations to the people and the rule of law. And therefore, the Petitioner states that there is a huge burden on the part of the Judiciary, to take cognizance of these financial crimes and dealt with wrongdoers decisively and appropriately by becoming a symbol of hope for the people of Sri Lanka who have completely lost their confidence in these corrupt elements who talk morality in public but practice completely the opposite …”2016-06-24- MOTION TO SC2016-06-24 – PETITION TO SC

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