Sri Lanka – the failed Nation

MP GAMMANPILA PERMITMP GAMMANPILA BILL OF ENTRYMP SUJEEWA BILL OF ENTRYIt seems that there is something intrinsically wrong with the majority of fellow Lankans, who cannot simply comprehend what is right and what is wrong, total absence of courage to call a spade a spade, and to distinguish the dishonest that deceives the gullible citizens seeking petty political mileage.

Just see the work of another ‘great national figure’, who is blessed with a windfall of 33 ½ million rupees, thanks to a tax free permit offered by Yahapalana Administration to import a luxury car, with no restriction whatsoever imposed against sale or disposal.

The MP gets a net profit of over 30 million rupees overnight for doing nothing.

This is purely a fraud, abuse of tax revenue for unjust enrichment. In the 1st Budge Speech of Yahapalana group’s Finance Minister promised people to abolish this fraudulent practice altogether (Hansard dated 20th Nov 2015 – page 408)

“… Honourable Speaker, the vehicle permit schemes have been politicized and misused and have created a huge revenue loss over Rs. 40 billion a year to the Government. I propose to abolish all the vehicle permits granted under different schemes, including to Parliamentarians. However, I ensure all government officers will be financially compensated for the benefit foregone. Further, all the vehicles purchased to the Government will be subject to all applicable taxes and necessary allocations will be provided in the Budget…”

This is an ample demonstration of the failed, absolutely irresponsible fiscal policy of Yahapalana Group of Companies, which is just a photo copy of Rajapakse failed regime.

It blatantly violates the Fiscal Management Responsibility Act (No 3 of 2003) which states that ‘the fiscal strategy of the Government shall be based on the principles of responsible fiscal management (S 2) and ‘the policy decisions of the government shall have regard to the financial impact of such decisions on FUTURE GENERATIONS [S 3(g)]

What’s wrong with my fellow countrymen, what hold them back from coming out of hibernation to fight corruption and to banish all cheats belongs to all political parties who deceive the Nation at will. Why not honest few takes over the forward defence lines and fight to establish a truly representative democracy accountable to the people whose sovereign rights any government exercises purely on trust.

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